April 10, 2018

Kedu otu esi eji akwa akwa akwa?

There is no woman out there who haven’t thought about the idea of wearing pants that rather than making her feel uncomfortable and tight all day long, they would make her feel stylish, flowy, flattering and most importantly comfortable.

These pants are The imperative when it comes to choosing comfort among pants with other different cuts. What`s, even more, you don’t have to sacrifice being stylish but on the contrary, they will “upgrade” your “style-game”. They come in various colors and patterns for every occasion possible: patterned with vivid multicolored patterns and flower embroidery, striped, one colored- from neutral beige tones to bright vivid ones. Harem pants are made of soft natural fabric with loose fit usually they taper off around the ankle or calf area. You just can`t go unnoticed with these vivid and unique trousers that scream FUN!

Don’t be intimidated by the colorful textures and materials when it comes to combining the harem trousers. With a few simple tricks, you can make them work for everyday casual combinations as much as for semi-formal parties and events.

Stay comfortable in everyday casual combinations.

These baggy, comfortable pants will look great in your everyday combinations with fitted tops since the bottom is flaring and with volume. Pair them with simple one colored T-shirts, tank tops, tie front tops, blouses, peplum tops, crop tops depending on the occasion.

Combined with a beige or black fitted top creates a simple yet fun combination when paired with floral/colorful printed pants. Complementing it with nice sandals such as neutral cream chain detail ones will keep the attire look casual and attractive. Accessorize the whole outfit with adding bracelets, sexy earrings, and a necklace and don’t forget to bring with you a Tote bag maybe with some interesting and eye-catching print. You can easily dress like this when going out on weekends, for some casual happening or party.

For a more relaxed outfit instead of a fitted top, you can choose a relaxed one. Rock a comfortable and relaxed wear, yet stylish and fashionable with colorful baggy trousers combined with a blouse. White blouse will make the trousers “pop” and it is a must-try combination. You can pair the attire with a pair of white sneakers or comfortable wedges for a more edgy look. Add uniqueness and personality by wearing a floral necklace, simple watch, trendy tote bag or even a Panama hat and you are ready for a shopping spree or a coffee with your friends.

Stay comfortable in semi-formal/ work combinations.

For a casual day at the office, you can create a minimalistic outfit that will look effortlessly assembled but fashion-forward, modern and formal at the same time. When in office you mustn’t show too much skin or cleavage and follow the office dress code. For a winning combination go with a simple off the shoulder white top made of thick fabric and some black simple harem pants, fitted at the waistline than flaring around creating and subtly emphasizing your body shape. You will look flawlessly elegant and artistic in the black and white outfit.

If you want to add some color and urban vibe to creating your office combinations, you can throw in a colorful blazer and minimalistic bracelets and rings in toned-down silver or rose gold color.

Idenye aha

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