Enweta nzipu zuru ụwa ọnụ na iwu niile, ọ dịghị ihe kachasị mkpa!

100% Cotton Tank Maxi Dress


Are you tired of fighting fashion trends? Are you more of a peaceful warrior? Then this simple soft cotton tank dress is for you.  Simplicity is stylish on its own but this spring tank dress also offers a few distinctive features.  A faux wrap look is created with a diagonal cut that interplays with unique side closures which add a little pucker to the skirt creating playful folds and movement. Whether you're packing your bags for a tour of ashrams in India or just going to lunch with your girlfriends you can have a look of effortless everyday elegance. Add a jade pendant and some prayer bead bracelets for a striking accent. Hoping to catch the eye of your favorite barista? Then slip on our eye-catching red pullover tank dress next time you're heading to the cafe. If you're feeling more like blending in with the clouds and losing yourself in daydreams then maybe the light grey cotton tank is the right choice. Whichever you choose for your beautiful feminine expression you can count on a comfortable loose fit in this casual long sleeveless cotton dress. One size. Available in Red and Grey.


  • ihe: Cotton
  • Ịchọ mma: -eri ego
  • Uwe Style: tank
  • Waistline: Natural
  • Ejiri aka: O-Olu
  • Style: Ọdịdị, Vintage
  • Agba: Grey, Red



na na


otu Size





Nweta nzipu zuru ụwa ọnụ na iwu niile. Ọ dịghị nke kachasị mkpa.

Anyị na-akwado ndị ahịa anyị na ụbọchị 30 azụ ma ọ bụ akwụkwọ nkwekọrịta. Ọ na-enyere gị aka ịzụta ihe na àgwà enweghị nchegbu ma nwee ahụmahụ dị egwu na ụlọ ahịa na Buddhatrends.

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