Enweta nzipu zuru ụwa ọnụ na iwu niile, ọ dịghị ihe kachasị mkpa!


Bali Island Handmade Rattan Bag


The Rattan Circular Bag is a circular basket-like woven purse made from a flexible woody stem derived from climbing palms found in the forests in different parts of Asia. It is an earth-toned bag with varying and complimenting colors of tan, caramel, and brown accented by sand-colored stitching. It also comes with a long leather strap, natural fabric lining when opened, and a keyhole loop designed latch. This purse was crafted with organic materials and designed with intricate weaving to offer a relaxed accessory to pair easily with evening wear, yet add boho-chic sophistication to your casual day wear. This Rattan Bag is a versatile piece to add to your everyday wardrobe this Summer.

Not sure how to style it? Pịa ebe a to see out top styling suggestions!


SMALL:  18X10 cm

BIG:        20X8 cm

Nweta nzipu zuru ụwa ọnụ na iwu niile. Ọ dịghị nke kachasị mkpa.

Anyị na-akwado ndị ahịa anyị na ụbọchị 30 azụ ma ọ bụ akwụkwọ nkwekọrịta. Ọ na-enyere gị aka ịzụta ihe na àgwà enweghị nchegbu ma nwee ahụmahụ dị egwu na ụlọ ahịa na Buddhatrends.

Idenye aha

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